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Malena es dulzura y alegría. Se define como amante de la comida, el arte y la naturaleza.
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     Fotografía: Leyna Amly | Bolso: Kiniria | Diciembre 2023 | Menorca
Tell us a little bit about yourself. How would you like to introduce yourself?
My Name is Malena Charlotte, I am turning 30 this year and I was born in a small village in the north of Germany. I spend the last 10 years traveling, studying and working mostly in gastronomy and in museums. After six years living between Leipzig and Menorca I moved here to Menorca full time to open in close future a Design Shop/cafeteria with my Girlfriend.
Where do you currently live, and where would you say your home is?
Currently I am living in Ciutadella de Menorca and I have to say that it actually feels a little bit like home already. But home can be also Leipzig, where I lived the last years in Germany, home can be the green garden of my parents and mostly home is where I am with friends, family and my girlfriend.
What does a typical workday and a day off look like for you?
I haven’t had a typical workday in quite a while because I am working on so many different projects but what is typical that I am waking up and the first thing I do is heating up some water for a tea. I just need my tea to function. And then I am doing some work in the kitchen, some on the computer, mostly I am going to the supermarket once the day and a big goal is to see the Sea once the day but unfortunately this is not always happening.
So a day off is starting in the same way but then I take my time maybe for some yoga, cuddles in bed and going to the market, drinking a coffee or a vermouth and for sure going to a beach, doing a bike ride or just spending time on our rooftop terrace reading a book.
How did cooking become your primary tool of expression?
Cooking has so many different sides, I mean we need food to live but food can be also a source of social interactions. I love to bake and cook for other people and to enjoy the time together, eating, drinking and talking. Cooking can be calming, exiting and funny. It can be a expression of feelings too. I’m always asking myself in what mood I am. Do I need a warm soup, a fresh salad or a sweet cake?
What inspires you to create?
I find inspiration for food mostly in real life on the market. What kind of products are in season where I am? Can I pair a veggie with a fruit from two different places? Also I love to be inspired by colours. I studies Art History and Art Education and its still a big part of me and my creation. Also I am really inspired by other women, my friends and my girlfriend.
What is your favorite place in the world and why?
Uhhh, hard question.
I would say somewhere in Nature. Here in Menorca I love to be in the countryside at the house of my in-law’s surrounded by olive trees. In germany on of my favourite times is spring when everything is just super green. Then I love to be in a forest, either at my parents home or in Leipzig in the ‘Auenwald’.
Who are the people that have inspired you to become the woman you are today, and why?
I guess my parents inspired me by education me in a really loving and caring way. I grew up in a big family and I always loved to be surrounded by specially female friends. I guess all these people have a influence of how I am today and I am really grateful for this.
What does it mean to you to be a conscious woman?
For me to be a conscious woman means to be aware of my privileges and at the same time to be aware that we are living in the system of Patriarchy and that there is still a long way go fighting for feminism.
What do you value most in a handbag?
A handbag has to be comfortable, soft, big and beautiful at the same time. I wanna use a handbag for a long time so it should be timeless and in good quality. Uh and I love some little pockets inside for some organization.
Future visions?
To live a life full of love, empathy, good food, great friends, family, nature, beachdays and kitchen parties.