All of our bags and accessories are handcrafted with high quality authentic Spanish leathers.

Each leather has unique characteristics such as variations in color, texture and marks and imperfections typical of its authenticity.

To maintain and preserve the beauty of your product we recommend:

• Protect the bag from the rain. If it gets wet, wipe it dry with a soft, dry white cotton cloth and leave it in a shady place, never near a heat source.

• Avoid excessive direct exposure to the sun and protect it from humidity as it may deform or suffer slight color changes.

• For light colored leathers, be careful with denim or dyed garments as they could transfer their color to the bag if they remain in contact for a long time.

• If you are going to have the bag stored for a long time, fill it so that it does not deform (better with non-colored paper) and keep it inside the cotton bag that we give you so that it is well protected.

• Do not overload the bag with excessive weight.

• For persistent stains, we recommend taking your product to a skincare specialist.

• Over time, it is normal for the skin to vary its color and texture… it is part of the beauty of this material!

If you have any questions about the care, cleaning or handling of any of our designs, please contact us by sending an email to