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Article: New York Times

New York Times

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Fall in love with the historic center

Get lost in Ciutadella, Minorca’s capital until 1722, a town of colorful buildings, labyrinth-like cobbled streets and former palaces. Pop out onto the Contramurada, a road built atop the moat that once encircled the medieval walled center. The Minorca Cathedral (€7.20), which was constructed and restored over centuries, still marks the opening and closing of the wall gates by ringing its bell. Ciutadella is full of artisan shops: Visit Carmen Cocoon for handmade jewelry and Kiniria for leather handbags. Pick up a beach blanket at the homeware store Ses Orenetes and shop for a breezy dress at Sent S’illa. Then head to the orange-tree-studded Plaza de la Libertad, a square with a lively fish market, butcher shops and a farmers’ market. Savor a coffee at Can Padet (€1.70) and pick up some of Minorca’s best goat cheese at the Cas Ferrer de Sa Font stand.