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Sophie Thirion is a lover of art, beauty and tenderness. Creative artist in living arts, Accompanying in creative processes and Artistic Director of different projects.
You can be fascinated by her world and her art at @sophie__________thirion______
 Photography: Luiza Lacava | Bags: Kiniria | March 2017 | Barcelona
Tell us a little about yourself. How would you like to introduce yourself?
I am a lover of art, beauty and tenderness. I feel creative in the hybridization of scenic languages ​​to create a subjective poetic vision .
Where do you currently live and where would you say your home is?
I currently live in Barcelona. I have been looking for my home from a very early age, perhaps that is why I have created a piece called HOME. I believe it is within me in connection with nature, but nonetheless I continue to search for this physical place.
What does a typical day at work and also a day off consist of?
A day at work can have many facets, from responding to calls, writing proposals, giving creation courses, rehearsing, dreaming and visualizing the costumes of my new creation, dancing,... A day off would be going to the beach, learning about astrology, swim and laugh with friends.
How did the performing arts become your main tool of expression?
I started going to theater class when I was 13 and what I felt when I went on stage was so exciting that I understood that I wanted to continue investigating this sensation in the body. And that I did, it took many forms and continues to expand. The performing arts or I prefer to say the living arts are full of new creative formulas. It is a sacred space where being and essence can be revealed and where freedom of expression coexists.
What inspires you to create?
The living and the mystery of our humanity. For me, creation is nothing more than an attempt to approach the understanding of our existence from the intimate and close to the immeasurable. Sometimes I find inspiration in a very everyday act, observing people, sometimes in a book, a drawing, in another artist's phrase, in astrology and particularly approaching the planet Venus.
What is your favorite place in the world and why?
The sea, because it frees me, reconnects, gives me back to my girl who wants to enjoy and enjoy life .

People who have inspired you to be the woman you are today and why?
My aunt Anne Darden who I never met. Famous actress in Belgium in the 60s/70s, for her transgressive spirit. I will never fail to mention Pina Baush for her great creative freedom and genius. My grandmothers for opening me to visions and everyday gestures that I continue to nurture today. And so many women that surround me and I admire.
What does it mean to you to be a conscious woman?
I believe that being a conscious woman is first understanding yourself to begin to get out of limiting and harmful patterns and from there opening up to the world, to others. Learn to live all relationships, including animals, elementals, nature from the tender, the kind, the loving.
How do you choose the people you collaborate with?
From a perception of the sensitive, a similar and mutual resonance and of course an artistic vision that challenges me.
What do you value most in a bag?
Its shape, its color and originality, the quality of its skin and that my notebooks can fit in ;)
Visions of the future?
Hopefully we as humanity can do the work of creating a kinder world.