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"Painting is something that has always been present in my life. It is something I need to do, it makes me feel good, it is almost a medicine."
You can visit their "play area" at @mr.barrcelo
 Photography: Cecilia Renard | Bag: Kiniria | February 2021 | Minorca
Tell us a little about yourself. How would you like to introduce yourself?
My name is María and since I was little I have liked to spend long periods of time alone. It's in those moments where I explore forms of expression, try to create something, or just do nothing and recharge. I could say that I love people, meeting them and observing them, but that I need spaces of solitude to be well. Nature calms me and animals are what I like most on this planet. I always have a thousand questions, I am very curious. Oh and my sun sign is Leo.
Where do you currently live and where would you say your home is?
Now I live in Menorca, in Maó. It is my home and always has been. I was born here and, although I have lived abroad for 12 years, returning has been an incredible experience. I have been able to reconnect with my family, my friends, the island. I don't rule out leaving again, but always to come back.
What does a day of work and also a day off consist of?
Work days vary greatly, depending on the job. If I work for myself it is always a bit scattered, sometimes it is difficult for me to concentrate or carry out an idea. A thousand doubts arise, but I try not to let them take up too much space and to be able to finish what I started. I don't stop until that idea materializes, then I decide if I like it or not. Many times I don't like it but I try not to let it affect me. When, however, the moment comes when something satisfies me, it is a beautiful feeling. My days off are calm, I like to do few things, be at home, take a long walk with my dog, be with friends or my partner, go see the sea...
How did drawing/painting become your main tool of expression?
Painting is something that has always been present in my life since I was a child. My father is a painter and since I can remember I have played with painting on any surface (wood, paper, stone) that we found with his paints. I still have some of those drawings. I also grew up watching him paint and having books and films about his main references very close. Later, during adolescence, I abandoned this practice but slowly resumed it when I started university. Today I can say that it is something I need to do, it makes me feel good, it is almost a medicine.
What inspires you to create?
I get inspired by anything, shapes I see in nature or in my house. Sometimes I let my hand trace things and without thinking much, shapes that I like appear. Just the mere fact of starting to paint inspires me. Placing the materials is a ritual. I also like it when, right before I fall asleep, I start to have ideas of things I want to paint or do, it's like I'm in a trance. Sometimes I manage to write it down and other times I fall asleep and they are lost forever. Although later they may appear again. It's fun.
What is your favorite place in the world and why?
My favorite place, although it sounds cliché, is my house. It's the place where I feel safest and happiest, I like taking care of her and it's a little strange, but I'm learning a lot about living in the country. It's my first time and the truth is that at first it was quite a challenge.
People who have inspired you to be the woman you are today and why?
It may sound like a second cliché but, without a doubt, my mother. She is a very strong woman who has taught me a lot. The truth is that I feel very lucky to have her in my life. I once read something like: I would choose my mother to be my mother again and again, in every life. And so it is. Clearly my friends inspire me every day too. The truth is that I am very lucky, in general, to be surrounded by so many good and light-filled people.
What does it mean to you to be a conscious woman?
It means being someone who takes others into account, who cares and cares about the environment and the planet. It means being someone who makes decisions thinking about the consequences and how they can affect those they may affect. For me it is being careful and also, why not, realistic.
How do you choose the people you collaborate with?
It is something very intuitive. At first, there is something that tells me yes or no. Although I sometimes fail, I tend to get it right most of the time and end up collaborating with extraordinary people.
What do you value most in a bag?
For me the most important thing is that it is durable, as well as comfortable and beautiful. I think it is important that nowadays we opt for buying quality things, that accompany you throughout your life and in which you can see the passage of time without it destroying them in the slightest. It has to be a sturdy bag, first and foremost.
Visions of the future?
For now I will continue working on my projects, I have some ideas that I hope will come to light. It is also possible that I will go away for a few months, everything remains to be seen. I try not to plan too much, you never know.