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Carla is delicacy and elegance. He studied design and art in London and Barcelona.
His inspiration, nature, minimalism and the Mediterranean where he was born.
You can delight in her art at and her passion for fashion at @carlanicieza
Photography: Cecilia Renard | Bag: Kiniria | May 2023 | Majorca
Where are you from and where do you currently live?

As the song says, "I was born in the Mediterranean..." but I grew up and lived in Asturias until I was 20, later spending a good time in London and ending up on the island of Mallorca, where I currently reside, like many others. artists.

Where would you say your home is?

In both Asturias and Mallorca I feel at home, I couldn't separate myself from either place and I hope to have a little house facing both seas in the future.

What does a typical day on work and also a day off consist of?

Every work day is different, since some are spent painting in the studio, others creating content...although I like to maintain certain routines within this lack of monotony.
A day off is not much different from the previous ones, because I love my job and the lines are not totally defined, although I do have my periods of disconnection. For example, many mornings my boyfriend and I go for a quick swim in the sea and have breakfast, and we always leave our cell phones at home.

How did painting become one of your main tools of expression?

It has always been part of my life since my parents are also artists and they were the ones who taught me how to paint. From a very young age they have allowed me to explore my creativity through all the plastic arts and have supported me throughout my career.

What inspires you?

The list is endless, but I would highlight mid-century design, architecture, minimalist fashion from the 90s, the Mediterranean... I can spend hours looking at references in books or on Pinterest.

What is your favorite place in the world and why?

At the moment I would say Mallorca because I am very happy living here. I feel inspired, with a couple and a group of friends full of talent, with whom I spend the day exploring every corner of the island, which is beautiful in itself, but these factors make it even more special.
People who have inspired you to be the woman you are today and why?

My parents have to be at the top of the list, for that creative freedom mentioned above and for raising me in nature, surrounding me with knowledge and artistic stimuli.

What does it mean to you to be a conscious woman?

For me it means following the cycles of nature and respecting it, I always try to eat what is in season and be aware of the objects and clothes that enter my closet.
I increasingly like to have good quality pieces that accompany me throughout the years, commit to lovingly caring for them, fixing you can see my style is quite timeless and minimalist.

What led you to share your style and the brands or designers you like online?

I started sharing my style on Blogspot when I was a teenager, with no goal other than to have fun creating looks and feeding my passion for creative direction. My Instagram and Tiktok accounts later emerged with the same intention.

Little by little I grew and brands that I admire began to contact me, something for which I feel tremendously grateful today, since I could not afford to purchase any of these garments and work together on a dream come true.
How do you choose the people you collaborate with?

I have slowly been narrowing down the list of brands and making sure that the pieces I receive are 100% my style and in line with my values. As I mentioned before, when a piece enters my closet I feel like I am taking responsibility for taking care of a new object.
Following this philosophy, I only want to own those clothes and accessories that I wear often and that are special to me.

What do you value most in a bag?

Make it comfortable to carry, with ergonomic and good quality handles. Also make it a little "off-road", because it can end up full of notebooks and brushes, sand, or resting on the ground of a city street.

Visions of the future?

I have so many! Some of the most present in my mind are building my own house, illustrating a book and developing my knowledge about product and furniture design, a field that really appeals to me.