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Florence is pure joy and beauty. She is an artist, filmmaker and photographer. She also defines herself as a creator of objects. She likes to create objects, clothing and textures for her imagination.
You can visit her beautiful world at and at @florencemermaid
Photography: Cecilia Renard | Bag: Kiniria | May 2023 | Majorca
Where are you from and where do you currently live?
I am German Caribbean and I live in Mallorca in a town in the mountains.
Where would you say your home is?
Right in that town, between sea and mountains. Although having studied and lived for many years in France I feel at home there too.
What does a typical day on work and also a day off consist of?
My work days tend to be quite varied. Either I'm out collecting things in nature, buying materials or making images outside the home, or I'm writing ideas in my notebook in my studio or retouching photos until late into the night! The truth is that for me a day at work and a day off are not that different, perhaps in the number of hours I spend sunbathing and swimming :)
How did you get involved in photography and recording?
Since I was little I loved creating images with my sister and my best friends, dressing them or creating strange objects that I would then photograph to create a visual universe that I had in my heart.
How did photography and filming become one of your main tools of expression?
I am super visual and in the career where I studied textile design, after a very short time my deliveries, instead of being textile or fashion collections, became images of those creations... I feel that I can say more by creating the final image than "just '' the object. When a photo or video enters our subconscious, it does not know how to differentiate what is real from what is fictitious. I like to play with that enormous power of images.
Do you have a style of photography and filmmaking that you are most drawn to and why?
I believe in magic and I want everyone to see that it exists, so I love anything that shows that! The spiritual, the ancestral, the fantastic and the mythological, that is what I aspire to.
What inspires you to create objects?
What is your favorite place in the world and why?
A park in London called Hampstead Heath. It is so green and wild, I can spend hours there looking for stones and flowers. Being half Nordic is something I sometimes miss on our dry island! . People who have inspired you to be the woman you are today and why? My partner Will, I don't know anyone nicer, and wiser than him! It gives me so much confidence in myself and my art.
What does it mean to you to be a conscious woman?
Listen to my intuition and not let myself be influenced too much by the media.
How do you choose the people you collaborate with?
When it's someone who is moved by love and also likes the same things as me, it's fantastic!
What do you value most in a bag?
Make it comfortable, with an interior pocket and make it chic. I loved the Isla bag in cream!
Visions of the future?
Create and show objects and images in other countries :) My dream is to live in a balance between the north and the south.